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There is nothing like the classic Chevy '59 design with its batwings, cat eye taillights, and the brows over the head lights. We can attribute these notable designs that came from the adjustable height desk of Harley Earl to him but there is a lot more to these amazing cars. Although this eccentric car design last to be designed at the desk of Harley Earl, GM had many people hard at work designing the inner workings of these machines. The intricate work put in by the engine and driveline designers has been laid out in specification drawings and manuals and have given us the ability to continue to enjoy these vehicles today! Check out the information below for detailed data on engines, drivelines, chassis lubrication, and electrical data.  

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Engine Data

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Paint Chip Data

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Driveline Repair Data

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Chassis Lubrication Data

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Length Width Wheelbase
210.9 inches 79.9 inches 119.0 inches

Total Passenger Car Production: 1,436,954
Total El Camino Production: 22,246
Total Corvette Production: 9,670
Total Production (minus trucks): 1,467,880

Model Numbers & Production Breakdown

Model 6 Cyl. Series # V8 Series # Body Style Production
Biscayne 1119 1219 4-dr Sedan See Impala 4-dr Sedan
Biscayne 1111 1211 2-dr Sedan See Bel Air 2-dr Sedan
Biscayne 1121 1221 2-dr Utility Sedan (no back seat) See Bel Air 2-dr Sedan
Biscayne - Brookwood 1135 1235 4-dr Station Wagon Unknown
Biscayne - Brookwood 1115 1215 2-dr Station Wagon


Biscayne - Sedan Delivery 1170 1270

2-dr Station Wagon

Bel Air 1519 1619 4-dr Sedan See Impala 4-dr Sedan
Bel Air 1539 1639 4-dr Hard Top See Impala 4-dr HT
Bel Air 1511 1611 2-dr Sedan


Bel Air - Parkwood 1535 1635 4-dr Station Wagon Unknown
Bel Air - Kingswood 1545 1645 4-dr Station Wagon Unknown
Impala 1719 1819 4-dr Sedan 525,461
Impala 1739 1839 4-dr Hard Top 182,520
Impala 1737 1837 2-dr Hard Top 164,901
Impala 1767 1867 2-dr Convertible 72,765
Impala - Nomad 1735 1835 4-dr Station Wagon  
El Camino 1180 1280 2-dr Pickup 22,246

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, in 1959

Model Body Style MSRP
Biscayne 4-dr Sedan $2,419
Biscayne 2-dr Sedan $2,365
Biscayne 2-dr Utility Sedan (no back seat) $2,278
Biscayne - Brookwood 4-dr Station Wagon $2,756
Biscayne - Brookwood 2-dr Station Wagon $2,689
Biscayne - Sedan Delivery

2-dr Station Wagon

Bel Air 4-dr Sedan $2,558
Bel Air 4-dr Hard Top $2,674
Bel Air 2-dr Sedan $2,504
Bel Air - Parkwood 4-dr Station Wagon $2,867
Bel Air - Kingswood 4-dr Station Wagon $2,919
Impala 4-dr Sedan $2,710
Impala 4-dr Hard Top $2,782
Impala 2-dr Hard Top $2,717
Impala 2-dr Convertible $2,967
Impala - Nomad 4-dr Station Wagon $3,009
El Camino 2-dr Pickup $2,352

Data Sources:

Chevrolet 1950-1959: Byron Olsen; Motorbooks International, American Classics Series; 1996

1959 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual Supplement: Chevrolet Motor Division, 1959

The Genuine Corvette Black Book: Michael Antonick; Motorbooks International, Oct. 1995