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Thanks for visiting today Chevy59.com is a dedicated resource for information about the Chevrolet passenger cars of 1959, and to the fins & eyebrows that ushered out a decade.

What other car can be recognized as quickly as the `59 ChevyThe batwings, the cat eye taillights, and the brows over the head lights are all part of the last car designed at the adjustable height desk of Harley Earl. This eccentric car design with its flowing lines and engaging extremities was like nothing else. In short, Harley Earl's desk created a winner for GM. This amazing car has some people saying "Wow!" and some others saying "Whoa!" Nobody I've met has ever been indifferent about the car's styling, or thought it was "just some old car." There have been some very different and intriguing designs coming off of the desks of car designers over the years, but nothing like this!

One thing is for sure; this car commands a reaction from most anyone.  Every time I look at mine I see a different line, a different curve, or a different styling treatment. 

Neil Ostrander - Till The Wheels Fall Off...Literally

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The look of this car is never static to me, nor is it bland and nondescript like a lot of newer cars.  The `59 Chevy was designed during a time when stylists and dreamers ran the automotive industry, when accountants were frowned upon, and when federal mandates for safety were several years down the road.

What does this add up to
?  The `59 Chevy represents a part of American society that we may never see again.  Unabashed styling was deployed without heavy analysis of market trends.  Metal was thick.  Parts were rebuildable, not just replaceable.  And safety came naturally from driving a large car, not by "the implementation of a partially-hydrogenated passive safety method."  And air bags?  Those were for the Air Ride Suspension package.  Here at Chevy59.com we celebrate all the things that make this car great, and invite the Classic Car hobby to learn more about these unique and dynamic vehicles.  Knowing more about `59 Chevys is -- in essence -- knowing more about America!
So sit back and click your way through the Data, the Links, and the History.  Also visit the Blog where you can read commentary and editorials on various subjects dealing with these cars.  There are also links to the Chevy59 Forum. Also check out the 59-60 Chevy Flickr Photo Group, and Facebook Page, both of which I'm a member.

But mostly have a good time and enjoy your visit!

Kurt D. Clark
, Webmaster

Classic '59 Lines!
1959 Chev Leawood Kansas Police Car 


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April 12, 2012