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Chevy59.com proudly offers original T-Shirt designs inspired by the `59 Chevy!  They are sure to make the biggest Fin Fan smile from ear to ear when received as a gift.  High quality apparel that lasts through many washings (I know this from experience, as I've had a number of my `59 shirts now for many years).

Whether you find the perfect shirt for you or want to buy them as a gift you can place your order here quickly, easily and securely. The apparel that you order can be shipped directly to your house or your friend's OC apartments. Shipping fees will apply and most orders will be shipped within 24 hours, so they are great for those last minute gifts.

Scroll down the page and choose from these great designs, in hats, shirts, and more!


Introducing the car that launched a website - Big Daddy!  Without Big Daddy, Chevy59.com would have probably never happened.  And if this car had never been hopped up and raced for the better part of two decades, then it just wouldn't be Big Daddy!  Big block power, manual steering, marginal brakes, and no radio baby!  This one's older than Old Skool.

Original Hot Rod celebrates the most basic of `59 models, the Biscayne.  Lowest in weight and sparse on frills, these were the cars that hit the tracks around the nation equipped with hefty 348s smelling of Hi-Test fuel; whether it was oval or straight line, the Biscayne demanded attention no matter what.  They still do; just ask any `59 owner.

Click HERE to see all the different offerings with this design!



Style for the entire family!  That's the way it is with sedans from the 1950s.  El Comandante celebrates the long low lines of `59 Impala Sport Sedan, with an eye on the modern day with big wheels and a lowered stance. 

The Commander awaits.  Click HERE to see all the products available with this design!


New for `59 is a faded shirt design that mimics the marketing of the late Fifties.  Space-Age stuff was everywhere, from TVs to cars.  Naturally the `59 Chevy fit right into that description, with the fins and tailpipes copying the look of a jet at full throttle.

Click HERE to see all the different apparel that carries this faded look.  Don't delay...order today!

Space Age Style is dedicated to the `59 Sport Sedan and Fifties Mom!  Known popularly as "The Flat Top," the Sport Sedan introduced the world to the family-styled hardtop vehicle with a panoramic view.  It's pretty hard to find a blind spot in a car like this!  Click HERE to view many products this design is available with.


While not a `59 Chevy, L`il Red shares another of my classic car heroes from the past - the Gasser.  These overpowered monsters of the track ruled the Sixties, and ultimately morphed into the over-the-top Street Machine of the Seventies.  Their high stance and huge engines made them a site to see, on the track and off.

Chevy59.com offers this vintage styled design on many quality apparel items, on both white and black clothing.  Click HERE to see everything emblazoned with this original design!


Club Cateye highlights one of the `59's most famous features -- the Cat Eye taillight.  Two trim spears on the fender mark this car as an Impala, the cream of the crop!  Available on many products; click HERE to view them all.


The Road Deacons are a fictitious Seattle Car Club from the early to mid 1960s.  The whole reason behind designing this shirt was to highlight the awesome style of the `59 Chevy!  Like all the other Chevy59 products, this design is available in many apparel styles and sizes.  Order yours today by clicking HERE to view them all!

The Green Machine highlights the OTHER most famous feature of the `59 Chevy -- the wild grille work!.  Never duplicated, and rarely seen these days, this is a car nose that people don't soon forget.  The "Green Machine" is wide, low, and mean mean mean.  Available on an assortment of apparel; click HERE to view all the products!


Old School Sled! Back in the day, customs were "dropped and shaved."  Lowered springs and trim removal cleaned up a look and personalized a customizer's ride.  Lake Pipes, wide whites and Lancer caps would also enhance an otherwise unique look.  And what better car to start with than a `59 Chevy, which looked like a custom from the factory??

Chevy59.com presents "Old School Sled" as a design to show how customs of the 1960s can look good even today.  View some of the quality items available with this design by clicking HERE!


Welcome To The Space Age! Nothing signifies the "look of the 1950s future" like the `59 Chevy!  Here we see the car's most recognizable angle, the gullwing fins on the rear.  Legend said these cars could fly when the driver topped 120mph; this myth was diffused numerous times by law enforcement driving versions of the car equipped with 348 tri-power.  Available on many quality products; click HERE to view them all.

Olde Speed - Dedicated to the race cars of the early 1960s.  The cars were simple, and only as safe as the driver behind the wheel!  Gone are the days when a car like this could finesse the oval at three-digit speeds.  Relive the glory by choosing this shirt for your wardrobe!  View the great selection by clicking HERE.


Jet City Delivery - This `59 is on the job and headin' towards you with another package!  Sedan Deliveries are a thing of the past, and the 1959 Chevy Sedan Delivery was one year away from being replaced by one built on a truck chassis.  These cars a rare and desirable; now you can wear one with pride, showing that you are a true Fin Fan!  Click HERE to see all the merchandise available in this design.


Portable TV - Space-age graphics, courtesy of 1959!  And what would be more space-age than viewing a finned flyer on a portable black & white television?  Revel in the past by displaying this pop icon on your chest.  Available in many styles, this design can be viewed HERE!



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